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If any of the above has not been answered truthfully, this rental application is subject to immediate rejection.

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We are pleased that you have considered joining the residents of The Seven1five, LLC and renting one of our wonderful apartments. We are confident you will enjoy our services as much as we enjoy serving you. Below we will explain our screening criteria.

The Seven1five, LLC has many long-term residents because we take great care and interest in who your neighbors are. We provide Equal Housing Opportunity; we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, national origin, family status, marital status, sexual orientation, lawful source of income, age or ancestry.

Application: All adults that plan on living in the apartment must complete an application, and all minors must be listed as an occupant(s).

Landlord History: We will be contacting your recent and previous landlords for the past 5 years. There must be no amounts due to previous landlords; any evictions will be reviewed by Property Manager. We will reserve the right to deny your application if, after making a good faith effort, we are unable to verify your rental history. If you owned your home, mortgage payment information for twelve months will be required.

Income: We are required to verify the amount and stability of your income through paycheck stubs, employer/source contacts or tax records. If self-employed, we will request one or more of the following: Business License, tax records, back records or a list of client references. Employment history must be verified for the past 2 years. Gross income must be equal to or greater than 3 times the amount of the apartment rent for which you are applying.

We want you to be our Resident(s), but we cannot accept your application if:

  • You misrepresent any information on the application. If misrepresentations are found after a rental agreement is signed, your rental agreement will be terminated.
  • Your credit check shows accounts that are not current or you have excessive debts. Records showing payments past 60 days are not acceptable, with the exception of medical bills and student loans.
  • The applicant has been arrested and/or charged with a crime, or convicted of a crime. (Reviewed on a case by case basis depending upon the crime).
  • Previous Landlord(s) report negative rental history such as: repeated disturbance of neighbors' peaceful enjoyment of their area, reports of gambling, prostitution, drug dealing or manufacturing, reports of violence or threats to landlord or neighborhoods, allowing persons not on the rental agreement to reside on the premises or failure to provide previous landlord with proper notice when vacating. Previous landlord specifies they would not re-rent to you.

I have read and thoroughly understand the Screening Criteria used by The Seven1five, LLC. I further agree to complete the following application as completely and accurately as possible.

Typing your name here constitutes a digital signature and agreement terms listed above.